MRAs and Oppressing the Oppressor

I want to return to this post (and definitely to this topic in general), but as of right now I just really want to ask: WHAT IS UP WITH MRAs?  I didn’t know such a thing as a “men’s rights activist” existed until this summer and now I can’t seem to escape the concept. Not to discount the oppressions that all different kinds of people face, but what is this?We had a huge controversy at Hampshire this week when a band that had been invited to play began spewing post-racial and “colorblind” ideologies to “defend themselves” on the Hampshire Halloween facebook page after a Hampshire student inquired about whether or not the band was conscious of their role in cultural appropriation and the historical implications of their genre of music.  The idea of men needing activist groups to protect them reminded me of how ridiculous it felt for Hampshire students to be accused of being “anti-white” in the face of defending marginalized people.

How can the people in the position of power need to be defended against the people who are being marginalized and oppressed?  What does it mean for feminism that there are now men’s activist groups that are not only accusing women/feminists of being “man-haters,” which has always been a claim tied to feminism, but who are now coming together and taking action against feminist movements?

[Shakesville: What’s an MRA?–please note the comments section. Also, introducing the term “sex-blind” in an effort to erase “anti-male” oppression. Thank you, MRAs.]


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