Sexualization of Young Dancers, continued

In thinking more about the topic of the sexualization of young dancers from Cora P’s post and my corresponding comment, I thought about a dance that was put up on YouTube about 2 years ago. The video was an instant hit and the young girls ended up becoming worldwide superstars. The dance is a jazz funk trio. The dancers are 7 years old and are doing pretty mature movements. The video received tons of comments of people outraged at the content of the dance. But people in the dance world, including myself, were very impressed by the girls advanced technique and talent. Here is the video for everyone to check out. What do you feel after watching the video? Do you have the same feelings of many of the commenters outraged by the dance or do you focus the skill and credit the movements to the style of dance? Is this dance too mature for the girls?

2 thoughts on “Sexualization of Young Dancers, continued

  1. I see both points of the issue. However, when I first watched these videos, I was more surprised at their skill level. These girls have exceptional dancing skills for being so young. The clothing was more of an afterthought. I don’t know if I would let my daughter dress like that at such a young age but I think that is more of a comment on societal pressure to sexualize young girls.

    If you think about it, little kids walk around topless all the time, in their diapers, at the beach, etc. I think when we decide that it is no longer okay for young girls to not wear shirts, we begin to sexualize them. What makes their outfits sexual? The fact that their showing off their stomachs? Herbst’s tiny waist theory does not apply here, considering these girls probably have not even gotten their periods yet. They cannot be sexualized for their breasts because they have not developed. Is there anything particularly mature about them? It’s interesting to think about. If an adult women wore the same outfit, knee highs and all, would she be considered mature? Or would we fetishize her because we would believe she is trying to emulate innocence? There movements are mature in that one would need to be a mature and experienced dancer to do them (I know I couldn’t).

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