Men vs. Women According to Google

I just found this article on Buzzfeed which shows the differences between men and women as found on google images:

Many of the images focus on how much more women obsess over appearance.  We take forever at the mall, own ten times as much clothing as men, and see distorted visions of our body in the mirror.  So now men are making fun of the very phenomenon that they created by perpetuating the ideology that a woman’s worth depends on the way she looks.

One of the images shows the differences between men and women on being single.  In the female picture, a woman’s friends are consoling her because she is the last one who is single.  In the male picture, the guys are jealously toasting their friend because he’s the last one who’s single.

2 thoughts on “Men vs. Women According to Google

  1. I have to admit, I was amused by most of the images of this blog. However, I do feel like the image of the woman who forever obsesses over her appearance is over-exaggerated, as is part of cartoons. However, I focused more on the complications of the woman and the over-simplicity of the man. It was a fascinating difference to me, and while I kept in mind that both were cartoons. Women were portrayed as sillier, and men as uncaring of everything really. I’m just curious as to why men are considered so much simpler than women in these cartoons. Does this imply that it is easier to be a man than it is to be a woman? Just my own thoughts on the matter. Thanks for sharing!

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