Advertising in Reverse

Here is an article from the Huffington Post entitled, “If Men Posed Like Motorcycle Babes.” The article, like the name suggests, has men (the dealership workers themselves apparently) posing in the same positions their own models had just done. The pictures, for the most part, are taken in humor, but do serve to show how ridiculous and unnatural a lot of these poses are.

Now the million dollar question remains: Does the dealership advertise differently going forward or this simply more of an inside joke than a social statement?


5 thoughts on “Advertising in Reverse

  1. The juxtaposition of these images is hilarious. It clear makes point of just how absurd these “sexy” poses really are. One of the Sut Jhally documentaries we watched pointed out how women in these poses are always passive and easily susceptible to danger. It is interesting how most of the images highlight the poses women make with their legs. They are never in a stance of power. Indeed, their legs are almost always crossed. Even in the one image where the women’s legs do appear to be in a firm stance, this position is mitigated by the fact that her arms are positioned in back of her on the motorcycle. We would never see men pose like, except for instances such as these — to poke fun at the absurdity.

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