Charmin Sweet Mother of Softness Commercial

Over the break, I was watching TV with my mom when this ad came on. Honestly, it creeped me out. The creators of this ad sexualized bears, and managed to impose our objectification of human women onto a female cartoon bear, all within 31 seconds. I then made my friends watch and they agreed that it made them uncomfortable.

Also, related to this incident. We also saw a commercial about laundry detergent and comparing different cleaning products and it irked that all the people that they spoke to were women, implying that only women are concerned with housework.

What’s your reaction?


One thought on “Charmin Sweet Mother of Softness Commercial

  1. That was definitely a strange commercial. The innuendo was so obvious, even when referring to an image that is in its nature infantile. The Charmin commercials may be directed towards women, but they always have cartoon bears to sell the toilet paper. It reads almost as a children’s show, which is creepy enough. I had noticed before now that these commercials instilled the sense that women, specifically mothers, were the people in the household whose job it was to take care of bathroom products specifically and running the household in general. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Charmin commercial with the Papa Bear getting toilet paper. However, this particular commercial is scarier than most, since it sexualized the mother bear THROUGH THE PAPA BEAR’S ACTIONS. We’re if not for him, this would be another regular commercial. I find it interesting that as soon as the male adult bear entered the picture, the female one ceased to be the cute and cuddly mother and became a sexualized figure. This is scary, especially when thinking how it could introduce so many bad images into the minds of children. I have to admit, the commercial made me just as uncomfortable as it made you, and I may never see another Charmin commercial in the same way ever again.

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