Humanity in The Matrix

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While thinking about The Matrix, I thought about how in the film there are no female agents. We also noted that Neo’s theoretical goal in terms of this film, is to achieve Trinity’s status of expertise and how many interpret him as a feminization of the hero figure as a result of this. Finally, Abigail mentioned how the tanks that preserve humans in the Matrix are pseudo-wombs. Considering all this, it seems to me that markers of humanity and life are linked to the female and males seem to be the machines. It is only when Neo achieves Trinity’s status and goes beyond her boundaries, that he becomes the ultimate hero. He supersedes the sterotypical masculine heroic identity and is transformed into the ultimate human being within the Matrix. He does this all through female associations: the psuedo-womb, he is reborn; Trinity, he models himself in her image. The agents are all men. As we discussed in class, they move their bodies in right angles, are controlled in their motions. ┬áTrinity, and eventually Neo, are fluid. The swim and glide through space, and this fluidity is what saves Neo in the end.

I don’t know how much merit my observation has but I think that it would be telling if females were viewed as human and males as machines. Stereotypically, woman and females are viewed as overly emotional and talkative. Their bodies are supposed to follow fluid, curved lines. They are caring because of a “maternal instinct”. ┬áMales, on the other hand, are stereotypically supposed to remain detached and emotionless. They are in control of their mind and body. They are tall, angular, logical, and reserved. It would make sense that males are coded as the agents, machines, because society pressures them into abandoning most of is normally considered human. And while many may consider Neo a feminization of the hero, I would call him a humanization of it.


One thought on “Humanity in The Matrix

  1. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but now that you mention it, I feel that it makes a lot of sense. This does seem to bring a whole new dimension into the Matrix, the human/feminine vs machine/masculine. The interesting part is that they all strive to achieve the fluid, the more feminine, the more human. To be more human, more emotional, is to be better than the machines. It’s interesting to think that the hero strives to be more like Trinity instead of more like Orpheus.
    I like your perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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