Woman Streaker – Body Image

“Woman Streaker Runs onto Course at Presidents Cup” popped up on CNN’s homepage yesterday. The article contains four brief sentences, two large images of the woman, a screenshot of a highly retweeted and favorited Twitter post, and a link to a “NSFW picture” with due credit given to Alex Myers of Golf Digest.

So many things bother me about this article. It seems as though this supposedly news-worthy bit of information is just an excuse to show pictures of a naked woman (supported thoroughly by the extreme lack of substantial text). Also, Kyle Newport, the author of the article, chose to highlight “Woman” in the title. If the streaker had been a man, the title “Man Streaker Runs onto Course at Presidents Cup” would have most certainly not appeared.


The male gaze in the above image is shocking. I am also bothered that Newport includes the provider of the NSFW image as if to recognize Myers for the trophy Myers has won/provided.


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