“Why do girls have to buy the pink stuff and boys have to buy all the other color stuff?”

This video is of a young girl, about 7-8 years old, who goes on a rant about the excessive gendering of children’s toys. I thought this video was interesting because this young girl is asking questions and making assertions that people overlook everyday when going to a toy store with their children. Why are young girls placed in a pink bubble of domesticity while boys are given the freedom to explore complex roles?

The gendering of toys is based on the social assumptions of the social construct of gender. Girls are supposed to quiet, polite, weak, submissive, dependent,…. While boys need to be the providers, they need to be strong, they need to be the exact opposite of girls, but not even the equal opposites but the opposites that receive respect and privilege. People need to question these constructs and they need to let their children know that they are not limited by their gender. Maybe people should go a step further and reject the notion of gender; tell their children that it doesn’t exist and it is just something someone made up one day and that everyone is actually part of a big imaginary joke. Maybe that will allow a space for children growing up to be outside of ideology.


3 thoughts on ““Why do girls have to buy the pink stuff and boys have to buy all the other color stuff?”

  1. As awesome as it would be to live in a world where gender was totally irrelevant and children were taught to ignore it, I wonder whether the family imparting that message to kids wouldn’t be ideology working toward a different end. In other words- can the family function toward its children in a way that doesn’t force some form of ideology on the, or does the present order foist ideology on the family?

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