Race In Dreamworlds

Coming in a bit late with this, but did anyone else find it slightly disturbing that Dreamworlds hovered so obsessively over rap and hip/hop?

To be sure, they did mention that that genre is in many ways an image of blackness marketed to suburban whites. And they also featured artists like Limp Bizkit, The Rolling Stones, etc. Which makes it all the more jarring and, I think, problematic, when:

– Gangsta rap is overlaid over the 2000 Puerto Rican Day Riot while the filmmakers show us almost exclusively white victims.

– The same song plays to footage of the Pioneer Square Riot in Seattle. The documentary doesn’t mention this (arguably to its credit) but a simple look into this disturbance shows that it was, or was widely perceived as, black-on-white violence.

The filmmakers would surely have known this, and despite that chose to show images of a gang rape with a song about sex overlaid. To me, it’s ludicrously tasteless, manipulative, and sensationalist, not to mention racially loaded.


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