Roadwork: Women as “Other”

I passed this on a field trip to Hatfield today. After our numerous discussions of the notion of women as “other” and opposite of men, the bright orange sign has new meaning to me.


Here are some more courtesy of Google images…

Unknown  images-3images-2


4 thoughts on “Roadwork: Women as “Other”

  1. I’ve actually seen these signs in Amherst twice and each time, I laughed. I think it’s more than “accepting the male body as the norm,” as Derya says, but about the implied fragility of women and children — men are working here, which implies that its a dangerous situation in a way that wouldn’t be implied if it said “Women Working.”

  2. I saw this sign at Amherst and two seconds later I actually saw a woman working with the men. (or were the men working with HER?)

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