“Feminists” Comment on Madonna Being a Survivor

I don’t really read Jezebel very often, but I stumbled on this article about Madonna’s autobiographical essay in the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar and was pretty shocked and disturbed that there were commenters on this supposedly-feminist website that were accusing her of lying about being a rape survivor because she is a “fame whore.” 


I don’t imagine that anyone in our class will disagree that it’s completely out of line to accuse survivors of lying about their experiences, but I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that there are people who consider it to be okay to dismiss Madonna’s traumas because she is famous.


One thought on ““Feminists” Comment on Madonna Being a Survivor

  1. I actually used to read Jezebel on a daily basis, but I noticed after a while that the comment section, whilst being slightly better than YouTube, were still full of gross misogynistic stuff that made me angry.

    Sadly though, I think this is the main reaction people have to stars when they talk about trauma; that they are either placed in a box marked ‘victim’ and society gets angry if they refuse to play that role correctly (an example of this would be Rihanna after experiencing domestic violence) OR people refuse to believe that they are telling the truth, and dismiss their stories as fabrications. Either reaction is the wrong one, especially as we live in a society where there is a shockingly high likelihood that women will experience sexual assault and/or intimate partner violence. We need to have a cultural space where women can tell their stories, be believed, but also allow for them not to be defined by those acts.

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