Something refreshing for us all

Seeing as last week we focused a lot on the ‘male gaze’ and how women were portrayed as sex objects in a male dreamworld, I made it a challenge for myself to find at least three music videos where the women were strong or just… you know… actual people.

Interestingly enough, the first music video I thought of was Little Talks of Of Monsters and Men:

Now this is a fascinating video, in that there are more men than women.  Also, the woman is portrayed as an almost ethereal creature, inaccessible to the men in the video.  Also, she serves as their protectress from the various monsters who attempt to eat and/or kill the men.  She defeats all the monsters and leads the men to another place.  She is their savior and their guide, and untouchable because of her great power.  And in the end, she proves that she is part of something greater and bigger than it all, more powerful even than previously thought.  It’s a great video.  The words of the song also seem to have them as a team, holding hands and supporting each other, or at least that’s what I got of them.  Deeper analysis of both might prove me wrong, but I might want to remain in the dark about this…

The next video I found was This One’s For the Girls by Martina McBride:

This video I found amazing.  Almost all the people in this video were women, and one has to appreciate the almost organic-feeling of them, of natural girls and women.  McBride addressed this to all women, no matter their age, which is quite a break against all the other videos that seem to show that only young women are beautiful.  Also, the words that McBride repeats: “You’re beautiful the way you are” shows a great message to a lot of women out there.  I really liked this one, honestly.

Last is Stronger by Kelly Clarkson:

This video has a lot of different people dancing to Clarkson’s song, both men and women, all who are different but come together in one huge flash mob at the very end.  The lyrics themselves are great, with words like “Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone”, indicating that Clarkson doesn’t need a man there all the time with her, that she’s OK with being alone.  It also has words like “Doesn’t mean I’m over now that you’re gone”, which contrasts what most videos showed with women breaking down completely after being left by a man.  And, “Just me, myself and I”.  Doesn’t every woman only need herself to be strong, to make herself strong?

Anyway, those are the ones I found, and I thought they were a nice change from all the others that kept going around in my head after watching the two documentaries.  I challenge you to find your own 🙂

Also, I’ll make sure to edit should I find any more.


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