Who is Elle Woods?

tumblr_lqeyg8JIBX1qlnll6o1_250After watching Legally Blonde last week, I saw Elle Woods in a whole new light. In my previous viewings of the movie, Elle was just an entertaining, slightly ditzy,  and lovable character to me. However, after watching the movie more critically, I was struck by Elle’s ambiguity throughout the movie. On one hand, Elle is quick to change herself to become the “serious” girl that Warner wants. She essentially adopts a new life in trying to be Warner’s ideal girl. On the other hand, Elle holds true to certain values no matter what others think. When she gets strange looks for her glittery suit on the first day of school, she proceeds with her head held high. When she figures out Brooke’s alibi, she prioritizes integrity over success, even after her team tries to persuade her otherwise.

Elle’s quickness to change and then her steadfastness have me very confused. Is she shifty or is she persistent? Is she a generally consistent character with certain motivations that make her inconsistent? Or vice versa?

Though I do not know the answers to these questions, I do know one thing. No matter what, the pink and the glitter are here to stay.


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