What Legally Blonde Taught Me About College

What Legally Blonde Taught Me About College

I promise to post something more relevant to Lacan and related readings, but for now I thought I’d share this link. Happy reading!

Although #5 is pretty relevant to the reading. The quote is, “Do you think she woke up one morning and said, “I think I’ll go to law school today!”” The label for this picture is, “And then there are ones who judge you based on your appearance, not your mind.” To use Lacan’s phrasing, I think there’s a lot to be said about “fragmentation” in the movie. Elle is a student at Harvard, but her mind isn’t quite there yet. She’s being judged for her appearance because she’s not coming off as a law student (whatever that looks like…). She hadn’t envisioned herself in that position, which is why she struggles to behave like the other students in her class. Elle is trying to fit, but she can’t quite present herself as a law student…yet. I just thought that was interesting given that she is being judged for her appearance, and not for her efforts to envision herself, and BE, in that position. (Does this make sense or am I rambling?)

Fake it ’til you make it, indeed.


One thought on “What Legally Blonde Taught Me About College

  1. Hi Christian,

    I really liked this link that you shared a lot. It was pretty funny. (I really liked #13 — ” You’ll have at least one interaction with a pretentious person, and it’ll be absolutely ridiculous.” I thought that scene was absolutely hilarious in the movie.)

    As for your interpretation of the text in reference to Lacan, I think I understand your point, but I’m struggling with your idea that Elle “hadn’t envisioned herself in that position.” When she gets ready for classes on the first day, doesn’t she look in the mirror, and say something along the lines like, “ah! I look like a typical law student”?

    I think Elle did envision herself as the part of being a law student, but she didn’t envision it in relation to herself (ie: she didn’t bring her personality or her attributes into her ideal of the law student.) She dresses to her ideal of what a law student looks like, but it isn’t the ideal that everyone else possess of what a law student looks like. I think, for Elle, her “epiphany” occurs when she walks into the court room for the trail in her pink suit. This blending embodies both Law Student Elle and California Elle.

    I hope that made sense. Please feel free to refute my claims or clarify my understanding of your statements.

    – Derya

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