Legally Blonde, Mirroring…Feral Children…and Mirroring again.

To go off of this post, I also find it interesting how Elle tries to change herself into what she sees as a “serious lawyer”, and what she believes her ex-boyfriend and classmates deem as appropriate. What I love best about this movie is that in the end though, Elle goes back to her normal self. She put on the pink dresses that she loves so much and lets her hair free. Albeit, her normal self is most likely a product of Lacan’s mirroring and a combination of influences, it is still satisfying to know that she know she does not have to change herself in order to be educated or professional.

I truly think that we are all a products of this mirroring. We are molded and defined by our experiences with and through other people. It might sound harsh but nothing about us is original except the combination of characteristics that we have inherited from others. When I think of a life without human influences to mold us, I think of the feral child, without language, unable to communicate and who have little to no human mannerisms. When they are discovered, they are usually expressionless, and staring blankly. They are often taught how to do simple task that we take for granted, like being able to feed oneself, or going to the bathroom. It’s fascinating how the tiniest thing, like nodding your head, can be lost on them because they have never seen anyone else do it. All our actions and most of our idiosyncrasies are taught to us, intentionally or not. The feral child is probably the most original and unique human because nothing it does is mirrored. I’m going off on a tangent.  But if you’re interested in feral children, you should read this article, it’s long but really interesting.

Essentially, we are all different because we are all unique combination of the same mirrored things, which makes us unoriginal but individual at the same time.


One thought on “Legally Blonde, Mirroring…Feral Children…and Mirroring again.

  1. I love your line that “we are all unique combinations of the same mirrored things”. I’ve never thought about it like that before, and it really gets me thinking about what being unique really entails.

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