Legally Blond and Mirroring

In our discussion yesterday I kept trying to apply the different terms we were learning to the film Legally Blonde.  I think the most noticeable aspect of the film was of the mirror-self, and how Elle struggled with this throughout the movie.  The mirror self not necessarily through seeing herself, but when she saw how people were reacting to her.  Each reaction to herself changes Elle throughout the film.  Starting with her boyfriend dumping her makes her see herself as ‘not serious enough’ for him.  She gets to see what others think of her, and then notices what they think of her.  And then, with the picture in the magazine, that was such a huge example of Homeomorphic Identification, in my opinion.  She saw her ex-boyfriend in his brother, and herself in the woman on his arm.  She saw that she was a ‘serious’ lawyer, and chose to emulate it.  She saw a woman whom she wanted to be.  She reproduced her and in so, acclimated herself to a culture completely foreign to her own by emulating others, and still retaining that previous princessy self that made Elle herself.

Another fascinating bit I noticed in the movie was how after having done so well in school and actually being lawyer-material, Elle finds herself doubting her own skills to be more than just a ‘blond’.  She saw the mirror-image in other people’s faces, and the ways they reacted to her being at school on the first place.  While at first it was bearable, when the professor himself sees her as a ‘pretty blond’ she actually quits.  That image that she’d tried so hard to escape is thrown in her face, and forces her to believe it.  The caption to the film itself on the publicity says: “Boldly going where no blonde has gone.” allowing all readers of the ad to believe that blondes just don’t belong in that environment.  The pink, girliness of Elle is just too different from everybody else, and culture says that she doesn’t belong there.  And Elle can

I wonder just how often this happens to all of us, albeit in a much more subtle and less Hollywoodesque kind of way.  If it’s the mirror that shapes us, and culture seems to determine a lot about the mirror, has a series of mirrors led us to who we are?  Yes, I’m going to start to get philosophical now, but I can’t help but wonder…  If we hadn’t had all the mirrors we did, would we be here now?


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