OBR and Global Movements: Did you rise for justice?

But, the woman’s body has been a site for a lot of trauma. Our experiences vary because every movement is coded from birth by culture so we cannot possibly combat violence by flashmobbing our way through Valentine’s day, or whatever else we would like to call it. I would like to take my body back- I don’t have to say “vagina” for that, hopefully. Dancing would be nice, but maybe some exercises first so I can protect myself.


The Miley Cyrus “Lookbook”

What does it say about a culture that provides its people with women’s bodies that are not only so readily accessible, but are also so easily broken apart and removed from the whole person?


Miley The Movement

In class we discussed the self awareness and intentionality of Miley Cyrus’ recent transformation and behavior. Here is the documentary where she talks about why this is her time and what exactly she is doing. The documentary is pretty short so give it a watch. Do you feel the documentary and her explanation brought anymore…


What Should Diversity Feel Like?

Judith Ohikuare shares a piece, When Minority Students Attend Elite Private Schools, discussing the struggle minority children face among their privileged white peers. This seemed especially relevant to Amherst’s struggle for “real” diversity today. We have the numbers, but our college’s culture is still strikingly divided. Michèle Stephenson, the mother of a minority student in…